About DPG

What is the DPG?

The Denver Permaculture Guild is a new membership-based nonprofit with the aim of building a more just, resilient and ecologically-robust Denver, with a focus on the following four goals:

Authentic communities are ones that need each other to thrive, and the DPG aims to foster the development of these mutually interdependent, hyper-local communities through networking events, online forums, and workdays.

Communities need critical knowledge and expertise to relocalize. The DPG currently provides basic and advanced training around a host of sustainability-related subjects through its own workshops and courses, as well as those offered by partner members.

In a regenerative city, the economy works for everyone. To that end, we will be nurturing the development of permaculture-based businesses and cooperatives, from edible landscaping to holistic childcare, that generate meaningful livelihoods for Denver residents of all backgrounds. This support will include technical assistance, business planning, and access to our network of sustainability-minded residents.

Part of the transition towards a regenerative city requires raising awareness and initiating political change. As our membership base grows, we will mobilize that base to help make regenerative thinking mainstream.

As a membership-based organization, we believe in the power of community-supported social change. Our goal is to derive most of our income from membership fees and course tuition, with the rest coming from grants and donations.

Who is the DPG?

The Membership

The DPG is made up of more than 150 members from across the Front Range of Colorado. The organization relies on the members to help run events, teach workshops, and to define and hold the vision of Permaculture for this community.

The Board of Directors

Our board of directors is elected by and from the membership and uses a consensus based decision making strategy. There role is to develop strategies and relationships that serve the greater vision of the membership.

Linnea Bjorkman | Cultivate Health – Regis University

Tonita Young | Permaculture Designer, Small Business Owner

Creighton Hofeditz | Denver Montessori Junior Senior High School

Caroline Savery | CarolineSavery.com


Kendra Krueger | Guild Manager