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Local Permaculture Designers

The DPG cannot vouch for or guarantee any of the services listed.

Mike Spade
Hey! I am Mike Spade and I manage the Rooftop Farm in Larimer Square.  For the past few years,  I have led the Garden-to-Cafeteria cooking programming for both for both Slow Food Denver and Plant The Seed Project. I’d love to discuss your programming and event needs.

Kathleen Landrum
Mana Designscapes
Permaculture-inspired landscape designs with character.  Problem-solving designs for growing edibles with less maintenance.  Graduate of 2015-2016 Denver Permaculture Design Course.  Emphasis is creative and affordable edible landscaping.

Alina Dziecharska
Delicious Terrain
I would call myself a budding designer this spring and it is mainly residential. No project is too small and I am so excited to hear people are interested in growing their own food, fun times!

Alisha Black Malone
Natural Genius
3 Permaculture Design Courses, available for small summer projects

Ainslie O’Neil
Ivy Street Design
For the most part my firm offers comprehensive design services with a more hardscape bent, but I’m hoping to delve more into the environmentally conscious market. I hold a BFA Architecture+Design (2012) and a PDC certificate from Sowing Solutions (2012), with 3.5 years practical experience in landscape architecture with an award-winning firm. It is also worth noting that my hourly rate is $85/hr.Additionally,  if anyone that is seeking comprehensive construction documentation or technical design services, don’t hesitate to send them my way.

J. Mark Tebben
I am a recent graduate of the Denver Permaculture Guild’s Permaculture Design Course, with several years of experience in organic farming, non-profit development, and retail business.  I’m interested the design of resilient food-producing gardens, landscapes, and businesses, as well as the ways in which Permaculture design principles can inform the design of healthy and just communities.  I also do a bit of creative writing, music-playing, and halfway-decent cooking.

Avery Ellis
Avery Ecological Design,,
With years of training and a decade of experience in Permaculture, Avery brings a unique set of skills to each project. His skills range from Edible Landscaping to Water Management, Greenhouse design to Ecological Restoration, Natural Building to off-grid energy systems. He specializes in Site design & Project management. Contact him today for a site consultation!

Eryn Joy Murphy
Gaia Garden Designs
Boulder, CO
I am a certified permaculture designer, but not a traditional one. I work as an ambassador between you and the spirits of your land to co-create a garden. My main occupation is as a healer who channels plants and other nature spirits. I also lead shamanic rituals, workshops, and groups in Boulder.

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Farmers Markets

Mo’ Betta Green Market Place
2505 Welton St, Denver, CO 80205
Saturday’s 9-2pm

The Mo’ Betta Green Market Place is a seasonal Farmers Market with a festive vibe, DJs, music & locally-sourced goods.

Purchase delicious juice made fresh at the market, sample different types of juices and learn the importance of incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet and how healthy it is for your body.

Not only can you enjoy fresh juice and veggies, but the market has morning fitness instructors, guest wellness speakers, poets and performers, recipes and more!

Mo’ Betta Green Marketplace is owned and operated by Beverly Grant, (Seeds of Unity Farm) Support local business!!

Sister Garden’s Pay-What-You-Can Farmstand
2861 W 52nd Ave, Denver, Colorado 80221
Thursdays 5-7pm
Saturdays 9am-noon

To provide the Chaffee Park and the surrounding communities better access to fresh, affordable, produce that is grown right where it is purchased.

On the corner of 52nd and Federal! We will have squash, beans, chard, kale, carrots, beets, herbs and more! Come on by and get your produce where it is grown!

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Partner Organizations

Woodbine Ecology Center
2584 N. State Hwy 67 | Sedalia, CO 80135

At Woodbine, we come together, people and communities from diverse backgrounds and histories, to address the fundamental social and ecological issues of our times. Our programs and activities develop the skills and resources necessary for egalitarian, self-reliant, and sustainable living. By promoting and integrating indigenous values and sustainable community we seek to re-establish our balance in the circle of life.

Denver Tool Library
555 Santa Fe Dr, Denver CO
Access to over 2,000 tools to help you make and maintain the awesome life you envision for yourself and others. Plus, an open and enthusiastic community where you can create, learn and grow.

Green Spaces
2590 Walnut St, Denver CO

Green Spaces is an all inclusive coworking space that provides our members the opportunity to connect with other businesses with socially and environmentally conscious values.  Our mission is to create a workplace where we can connect with each other and accelerate our positive impact in our communities by growing our businesses together.

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Local Permaculture Sites

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