Letter from Incoming president, Lee Recca

Dear Denver Permaculture Guild friend,

With the New Year has come a new board of directors for DPG. This letter is to update you on DPG’s status and invite current, past, and prospective members to participate in 2018.

I am Lee Recca, your incoming president, and first I’d like to thank Linnea Bjorkman, Alina Dziecharska, Creighton Hofeditz, Caroline Savery, and Tonita Young for their dedicated service in leading the Guild during the last two years of challenging times and growing pains. Through their superhuman efforts, the Guild has survived and now we look forward with hope to its revival. Our new board has its hands full with training, administration, financial reporting, and working with our nonprofit sponsor organization. But, most important are the service areas of our Guild:

“Fird” Friday Potlucks/Networking: The first potluck of 2018 happens on February 16 at 6 pm at Grandma’s Brewery, 1710 S. Broadway. Come ready to talk about any projects. More potlucks are planned in May, August, and November.
Encouraging Neighborhood Hubs: We’ll facilitate connections for members to form get-togethers during gaps between potlucks and encourage work groups, task forces, workdays at sites, and events with our sister organizations.
Functional Communications: This letter is a start on improving communications, and we’ll also post more on Facebook and our web site. We’re fixing web site bugs that have made our online “store” work only sporadically. Billing for dues is currently paused, and we hope to work out the bugs by March 1. We hope to improve communication with folks such as PDC students and alumni, and those from underrepresented populations. Another goal is to keep a master calendar and publicize events more in advance.
Support for Teachers and Projects: DPG aims to continue supporting projects through visibility at the potlucks and facilitating work parties, etc. We are looking for an at-large director to join our board to focus on teachers and curricula development.

What you can do:
We need potluck venues! Please forward your ideas to me and let us know of past venues you liked.
Formulate ideas for events in March, June, July, October, and December. If you want to call together a work party, make sure it includes a workshop or other opportunity for hands-on learning. Submit your event ideas by posting on our Facebook page or writing to denverpermacultureguild.com. If you need more help, contact us for a proposal submittal form.
Be vocal with your ideas and suggestions. Alert us to problems and propose solutions, keeping in mind that DPG is an all-volunteer organization. General questions can be sent to denverpermacultureguild@gmail.com.
Talk to friends, fellow PDC students, and neighbors about the benefits of DPG (one is a discount on class fees!). Shoot us an email if you would like to “table” at an upcoming event. We promise we won’t make you stay more than 1-2 hours and you’ll get free admission!
Are you interested in helping teachers get permaculture into classrooms? Creating and keeping a database of projects and resources? Coordinating a book swap or library function? Or being on the board (we need one or two additional members)? Send an email to us with the details of your interest and availability!

I’d like to thank fellow board members Ryan Cornwall, Libby Kaiser, Deb Neeley, and Olivia Stockert for stepping up. We are dedicated to the idea of regenerating DPG, building a strong and resilient organization, and having fun doing it!