Past Event: Living Community: A Five Weekend Design Course

Introduction to Living Community: May 5th and 6th (overnight retreat)
Designing a Just Society: June 2nd and 3rd
Organizations That Live: July 7th and 8th
Economics After Capitalism: Aug 4th and 5th
Engaging the Sacred Warrior: Sept 8th and 9th

Location: A permaculture demonstration site in Northwest Denver.

Investment: The Living Community Design Course operates via an alternative economy, in which each participant exchanges a combination of goods, services, and dollars based on their abilities and needs. In order to accurately plan our weekends, we ask for an initial dollar payment in an amount that’s meaningful to you (suggested $25-$75 per weekend). At the conclusion of each weekend, you can choose the remainder of your contribution based on the value you’ve received, your capacity to pay, and your preferred form of exchange.

Humans are part of nature and always have been, but despite having nature on our side, our social systems have been eroded with patterns that limit our capacity for genuine collaboration. In a time when everything from our politics to the global climate seems to be spiraling out of control, how can we re-knit the torn fabric of community? How can we empower our neighbors, especially the most marginalized among us, to determine their own paths to prosperity? What does radically supporting ourselves and each other look like? And how can we make ends meet while trying to make the world a better place?

The Living Community Design Course is for anyone looking for a safe, inclusive space to explore these questions –  and a community to answer them with. Facilitated by local permaculturalist Adam Brock and a diverse group of experienced and thoughtful changemakers, this series will provide you with the resources you need to apply design thinking to healing self, community, and society as a whole. We also recognize that you – our inspiring and engaged community – have many of your own superpowers to share. Throughout the course, everyone will have the opportunity to lead the group and influence the flow of learning. Each weekend will be structured around a different theme, with a dynamic mix of group dialogue, solo exploration, and real-world design challenges in each. Participants can choose to take one weekend at a time, or sign up for the entire five sections.

Introduction to Living Community will introduce the tools used throughout the rest of the course, including permaculture principles and pattern languages. Designing a Just Society explores the conditions for culture change, from decolonizing our minds and institutions to the intentional design of social movements. Organizations That Live will focus on the challenges and opportunities of collaborative processes, investigating topics like facilitation skills and consensus decision-making. In Economics After Capitalism, we’ll unpack  the destructive dynamics of our current economy and collectively build an alternative vision for a means of exchange that restores community and natural systems. The course will close with a weekend of Engaging the Sacred Warrior, turning our focus inward as we share strategies for nurturing body, mind, and spirit.

Whether you identify as a permaculture gardener, community activist, nonprofit director, social entrepreneur, or simply as someone trying to be a better human being – the Living Community Design Course will fill your cup with practical tools, inspiration, and community. Join us in designing a more perfect world.  Please click ‘register now’ button below to place your deposit, and return here to fill out a registration form.